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Read and post articles about staying fit, health issues, illnesses and medical conditions.  Here you can post articles about what treatments works and what treatments don't.  Perhaps you have a interesting story about how you or a family member coped with an illness or found a cure or treatment for a medical condition?   Have you found something which is helping you look years younger?    Let others know by posting your article here on the Medical Support Forum!

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Our Newest Published Articles!

  • All you could Wanted to Learn about Dental Braces

     By:Florencio Wilson

    Dental braces are quite common, with dentists suggesting dental braces because the easiest method to fix badly set teeth. Previously, though dental braces were the sure shot method to solve this issue, many were apprehensive about installing braces, given that they looked ungainly, and they was required to adhere to a strict regimen of diet and food intake. However, with changing times and newer technologies, many elements of dental braces have changed, which makes them a more sensible choice for setting teeth.

    In Category - Braces
  • Why Cosmetic plastic surgery is named Plastic cosmetic surgery

     By:Florencio Wilson

    In case you are wondering why cosmetic plastic surgery is called "plastic surgery," most. It is a rather interesting good name for the medical procedure which enables people defy the consequences of aging. To start with, the term "plastic" emanates from the Greek word "plastikos." This implies to mold as well as to shape, which is exactly what surgical treatment does. It reshapes the face area by eliminating imperfections.

    In Category - Cosmetic Surgery
  • How to Choose a Weight Loss Plan

     By:Christy Boyd

    How to Choose a Weight Loss Plan

    In Category - Weight Loss
  • Choose Appropriate Innutra Weight Loss Regimen

     By:K Rogers

    There are several weight loss formulas which are available in the market. However, only a chosen few can be said to be exclusively designed to meet your body’s needs. Body weight problems result from several issues, with major problem being an unhealthy diet.

    In Category - Weight Loss
  • Causes and Treatment for Earache

     By:Davis Walker

    One of the most horrible aches is earache. Though, this problem is very common among the adults and also the children. To treat this problem it is very important to understand the causes of earaches. The cause of the problem might be of various reasons.

    In Category - Ear Infection
  • Give Your Youngster a Secured Future With Child Life Insurance

     By:Matt Wood

    Give Your Child a Guaranteed Future With Child Life-Insurance

    In Category - Insurance
  • B Vitamins helps in deficiency that causes dry skin

     By:Gertsch Ensor

    How about strolling down the street with your gorgeous waistline length hair golf swing from side to side, as you walk. You are sure going to be a head turner. Yes, not all are blessed with a heavy glowing mane. If you encounter someone who is the owner of one, make sure you go ahead and request her how a lot care is involved in the woman's maintaining the woman's hair. You will arrive to learn that hair needs utmost treatment and dealing with. If you are the actual unfortunate one with scanty as well as short hair, you'll need to ask yourself exactly what diet design you are following. You want to make hair to grow faster, visit a dermatologist your diet plan will be put forth before you. You can't just make your hair grow like magic. Even hair starves for its much required nutritional vitamins. Vitamins like A, B, C and vitamin E play a vital role in the hair growth. You are interested in knowing how to make hair grow faster, have food items that are rich in iron as well as zinc. If you're a veggie than it would be best that you take in much more of spinach, soya, beans and yogurt they're protein loaded and this is how you can have faster hair growth.

    In Category - Vitamins and Supplements
  • Few words of caution from eye specialist

     By:Rickie Shebby

    How this whole eye clinic organization was formed up was rooted on a easy viewpoint of serving premium eye-care for our eye patients with our services and ‘heartware.' The doctor's experience and medical skills aided by advanced eye machine and thoughtful officers managed to aid our company accomplish the primary target of providing good vision to all our patients.

    In Category - Eyes & Vision
  • What exactly is Body Slim Tea and does it do this?

     By:Nicky Allen

    Losing weight and improving skin appearance in to a serious issue along with an obsession for many now.

    In Category - Yeast Infection
  • Frustrated With Recurring Cold Sores

     By:Domingo Tate

    Cold sores are brought on by the herpes simplex virus, a common and infectious virus that is usually contacted throughout childhood and hides in the nerve ganglia close to exactly where your cold sore usually appears. The virus can remain dormant for months or years without reappearing, until your body becomes unbalanced.

    In Category - Healthy Eating
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